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Izzy, now nine and a half years old, is on a train journey from London to Brighton where she meets a whole host of unusual character's. But, all is not what it seems, and where are her parents and who are the 'thought searchers' and 'the dream officials' and where is the mysterious gondolier really taking her as they float through space and time?


Izzy And the Dandelion Clock.



Firstly, I would like to point out that it was never my intention to write children’s books. I already had two adult books on the way and others in mind when something happened that changed the course of my intentions. A lovely online friend of mine, Patty, uploaded an image onto the photography site which we both use, which really caught my eye, along with its title. My very first impression was. “What a great picture and title for a kid’s book.”  It really made an impression on me and the idea of writing a story to fit the picture and title stayed with me for over a year before I finally put pen to paper.



The story is designed to be educational as well as fascinating for children. It is to teach them that there are a set of rules, which no doubt their parents try to teach them, that are set out to keep them safe in the day and age in which we live. There are morals to be learned along the way which gently flow between each page and which Izzy promises herself that she will stick to after her unexpected adventure.

The story begins with Izzy, a young girl of five and three quarters, waking up one day to find that life was becoming rather boring during the school summer holiday. She decides to go next door to find her best friend Tom to see if he wants to go to the park and play, as they had done the day before and the day before that. But, going to the park meant that they would have to fool their parents once again, into thinking that Izzy was playing safely in Toms house, and that Tom was playing safely in Izzy’s house. So, they sneak off to the park without their parent’s knowledge. Izzy becomes fascinated by a private field next to the park and wants to go in and explore. Tom knows that it’s a bad idea, but Izzy insists on exploring and turns her back on Tom leaving him to return home alone while she crawls through the fence and into the field. Then, when she sees a large dandelion with a full head of fluffy white seeds, she is determined to pick it and use it as a dandelion clock. But when Izzy goes to pick the dandelion, she finds that she is not alone in the field.  The voice of ‘the invisible stranger’, the modern-day villain of the story, calls out to her telling her not to pick the dandelion as it wasn’t hers to pick. After a few moments of scary conversation, Izzy picks the dandelion and blows away some of its seeds. But, instead of it telling Izzy the time, she finds that she is transported to a different place and time altogether… and that’s where her adventures begin. Each time Izzy blows more seeds away she is once again taken to a new adventure. But, when the seeds are nearly all gone, she becomes anxious to return home. Then, suddenly she finds herself back in the field, but to her dismay, she has gone a little way into the future. The invisible stranger is still there and more menacing than ever. Izzy knows that she needs to get away and that her only means of escape is to blow the last few seeds away from the dandelion clock and return home. She frantically unzips her shoulder bag where she keeps the dandelion… She reaches inside…but it isn’t there!      

The final book in the Izzy trilogy, which sees her as a young teenager, has now been put on hold while I spend much of 2018 completing my first 'Adult Comedy' novel called: 'The Predators Guide To Photography,' a story about an ageing street photographer who reluctantly takes on a young apprentice. There will be more about the story nearer to the time of publication, which will possibly be on Kindle. KDP.

Many thanks for your support so far.


John M Green.



John M Green

John M Green