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My love of writing came at a very early age as did my love of music. At infant school, I would write silly poems and imaginative essays to try to impress my teacher and friends.  However, I was a very lazy reader and to this day, have never read a book from cover to cover and doubt that I ever will.

At primary school, I moved on to writing songs and longer stories which actually did impress my teacher’s. (But didn’t stop me from being punished by the head master from time to time with a cane or slipper.)  My spelling, due to my lack of reading, was dreadful of course, so my marks in English exams failed to make the grade and still would.

During my working life, starting as a plumbing apprentice in 1966 earning £7 per week, I spiced things up by joining a pop band who later, in the early 70’s, toured professionally as a Glam Rock band wearing makeup and glitter and often playing support to some of the big names of the time. But all good things must come to an end and the rest of my working life was pretty much spent working for a local aerospace company. But I still continued playing music in a pop/comedy duo right up until the mid-90’s and various other bits and pieces since. But now, retirement affords me the time to do much more writing which I hope will bring me success in the future. I also have more time for my other big hobby…photography. My other interest’s range from ancient history to gardening (Maybe I should’ve been an archaeologist).

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John M Green

John M Green